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By registering with Wollondilly Basketball Association (WBA), participant accepts the Basketball Network Participant Terms and Conditions, Basketball Australia National Integrity Framework and WBA  policies & procedures (listed below); and that WBA are required to pass your personal information onto Basketball NSW, who will then forward to Basketball Australia’s database, known as the Basketball Network.

Click here to view Basketball Network Participant Terms & Conditions

Click here to view Basketball Australia National Integrity Framework.

Upon receipt of payment, your membership with WBA which includes registration with Basketball NSW, covers your insurance and other benefits for 365 days.

If you renew your registration within 30-days of its expiry, you acknowledge you are aware that your new expiry date is 12-months from the previous expiry date.

Rep Player Code of Conduct

Click Here to view Representative/Development Player Agreement. 

Click here to view BNSW Codes of Conduct.

Team Official Code of Conduct

Click here to view Representative Team Official Terms & Conditions. 

Click here to view BNSW Codes of Conduct.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Click here to view

Privacy Policy

Click here to view

Tribunal By-Laws

Click here to view.

Competition By-Laws

More info to come

Insurance Procedures

Insurance Policy is provided through Basketball NSW by V-Insurance Group. Should WBA registered players become injured, they should in the first instance link to appropriate Insurance Company below.

Click here to link to insurance website. Should you have any problems please do not hesitate to phone the Insurance Broker V-Insurance on (02) 8599-8657.


Click here to view.

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