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2023 Representative Fees

Congratulations on making a 2023 Wollondilly Razorbacks Representative Team.

Please ensure you read the information below to understand your financial commitments to your team.

The fee structure for 2023 will be as follows:

· Barrengarry - $250

· SJL - $475

2023 Razorbacks Representative Basketball Jersey and Shorts are included in these fees.

Representative Fees have been set to minimise the costs to you. As a not for profit organisation we are committed to giving as many people as possible the opportunity to play basketball.

We prefer that fees are paid upfront in full, but we understand the financial pressures we all face this year and as a result have introduced the option to split the payment into 3 payments.

Due date for the full or first instalment is 15th February.

Click HERE to be redirected to GameDay for the payment of 2023 Representative Fees.

The FAQ’s below provide more detail on the fees, fee structure, payment options, sponsorship contribution, and other information.


Q. I am unsure whether my child is in SJL or Barrengarry. Who do I speak to in order to find out?

A. Please speak with your Team Manager.

Q. When I access the GameDay form, it shows me three options. Do I need to pay all three?

A. If you wish to pay upfront, then please select and pay for all 3 by the 15th February.

If you wish to pay in instalments, please pay the first instalment by the 15th February.

Q. Is there any discount for paying all three payments upfront?

A. Unfortunately there isn’t. These fees only just meet our anticipated costs, as a result there is no profit built into the fees.

Q. Is there anything not included in the fees

A. Yes, transport, meals, and accommodation are not included. The fee’s also do not cover anything beyond the Barrengarry or SJL schedule of events.

Q. I chose to pay in instalments. When are each payments due?

A. Payments are due as follows:

Q. What are the fees at neighbouring associations?

A. Barrengarry is $350, and SJL/Metro is $650 to $800. These prices do not include a uniform!

Q. How are our fees kept so low compared to other associations?

A. We have some amazing sponsors that offset the significant court hire costs for our teams to train each week. We also fundraise regularly and welcome any assistance with the fundraising from our Rep players and parents.

Checkout our amazing sponsors here:

Q. Will there be a game fee that needs to be collected before each game like in previous years?

A. No. Those costs are now included in your fees to make game day easier on everyone.

Q. I am going to have difficulty making those payments. Are there any other options?

A. Please speak with Mick Hendricks (President) or Nathan Hesse (Treasurer) about your options.

Q. Is there any harm if I just pay the due amount late?

A. Introducing this new payment schedule is a significant administration overhead for our Team Managers and Treasurer. We ask you to make the payments on-time so that the Team Manager and Treasurer doesn’t have to chase your payment which adds more administration overhead.

Q. What makes up the Rep fees?

A. Court Hire, Referees, Team Nomination Fee, Uniform fee, and Development Fund ($20).

Q. What is the Development Fund?

A. The Development Fund is an additional $20 per player that is available to the team for things like a guest coach, a pool session, a team event, etc.

Q. What payment options are there in GameDay?

A. You can use any VISA/Mastercard, and OpenPay (Pay in 4 instalments).

Q. Is the uniform in 2023 different to 2022’s?

A. Yes. The new uniform is a different design and will meet the new requirements to have logos for Basketball NSW on the shorts and jersey. We will also be removing all sponsorship from the jersey.

Q. Why is the sponsorship being removed from the jersey?

A. In order to maximise uniform re-use, we have removed sponsorship from the jerseys. This will mean that the jersey and shorts are ‘current’ and can be used by the player, siblings, or friends in future years.

Q. Is there a discount if I am playing both Barrengarry and SJL?

A. Yes, please reach out to and we will explain the process of paying a reduced amount. There is a uniform allowance in both Barrengarry and SJL fees so there will be savings.


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